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We are delighted that 'Bloor Homes South West' have very kindly gifted the land to Wilstockhub, as well as helping with an initial building design. The hub was granted full planning permission by Sedgemoor District Council in February 2016. Wilstockhub commissioned the expertise of 'Locality', with their time and skills, together we undertook 4 months of thorough community consultations to produce an 'Evidence of need' report. This is a community led project. Wilstockhub will ensure the communities requirements are met.

We will have a beautiful view of the Quantock Hills.



  • Offer opportunities from infant to senior citizens
  • Provide and support wellbeing & mental health improving the conditions of life for all, including recreational and leisure facilities
  • Support the advancement of education, training and employment
  • Provide a nursery to support 0-4 early years development and working families
  • Provide a base for local service providers, social welfare & health services - to meet the needs of the communities
  • Promote environment, nature and conserving nature
  • Promote public safety & crime prevention
  • Support social enterprise
  • Collaborative & partnership working
  • To be financially sustainable


To inspire, innovate, believe and achieve. - A centre of excellence empowering all individuals to improve their lives, creating happy sustainable vibrant communities.




We RESPECT people, value DIVERSITY and are committed to EQUALITY

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